Why buy directly from us?

Where you buy our books can make a huge difference to our work!

If you buy directly from us the majority of your money comes straight back into Peirene and helps to pay our authors, translators, printers, editors, designers etc! This also means that we are able to donate 50p from each Peirene book to charity – even when we sell books at half price.

However, if you buy our books from a bookshop we receive 50% less and if you buy our books from Amazon that goes up to 60%! This is a huge loss for Peirene and other independent publishers.

Of course, if you’re buying our books from an independent bookshop you are helping us to grow our reputation and you’re supporting two businesses at once. This is why we would never discourage you from seeking out Peirene books at your favourite independent bookshop.

But if you’re thinking about picking up a discounted book on Amazon, or any other major online retailer, we ask you to think again.

If you want to support Peirene please consider buying directly from us. Your purchase helps us to bring out English translations of award winning European books for the very first time – something we believe is vital in this post-referendum age!

You can browse our books here: https://pp.jemturner.dev/shop/